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Individual planning services are designed to provide the highest level of personalized planning and management support for the senior executive. As the individual plan is developed and agreed upon, Saratoga Wealth Advisors, LLC assumes day-to-day responsibility for the implementation and monitoring of the strategies contained within the plan. By coordinating our work with the client’s other advisors — or by identifying appropriate specialists — we ensure the effectiveness of a comprehensive plan.

The process of planning must begin with and be constantly guided by a clear and accurate understanding of the client’s individual concerns and objectives. Once we have had an opportunity to develop this understanding, we can then apply our expertise to the client’s personal situation, identifying those strategies and opportunities that are most appropriate for his or her individual needs or goals.

Our recommendations must be flexible enough to accommodate changes in the client’s personal situation as well as those that occur in the tax and investment environment. Thus, we believe that financial counsel is an ongoing process and we stress the need for regular contact with our individual clients so as to review the status of existing plans, the need for modification, and to analyze new opportunities that may have arisen.

While the planning process is guided by an understanding of the individual, the selection of appropriate strategies depends on a thorough technical analysis of the client’s resources and relevant tax and investment considerations. This analysis will typically include the following components:


The analysis of an individual’s or family’s current income and spending patterns allows us to identify inefficiencies and valuable opportunities for more productive cash flow management. In certain cases, this may include debt management and consolidation.

Having identified certain goals, we recommend changes in cash flow patterns that will allow for realistic and effective funding for these objectives. By means of reasonable cash flow forecasting, we can expand the individual’s time horizon and assist the client to develop and implement longer-term investment strategies.


The growth and protection of capital is the key to financial independence and, in our experience, the most universal goal of our clientele. We believe that this goal is best achieved through the use of a disciplined approach which coordinates the management of all existing and future sources of client capital.

We begin with an analysis of the client’s existing investment positions, including accumulations within corporate benefit plans, and recommend reallocation of assets to achieve the optimal risk/reward probability. As economic conditions evolve, the asset allocation is reviewed and modified in order to maintain the desired balance

In our opinion, time can mitigate risk, allowing the client to maintain the status of investor rather than becoming a speculator. Thus, we seek to expand the client’s time horizon by means of long-term forecasting. This allows us to identify probable returns on existing assets if maintained at optimal risk/reward ratios. This form of analysis also identifies the availability of discretionary capital or the need for change in current cash flow patterns.


The proper planning and control of one’s tax liability is a critical step in the planning process. We provide periodic and detailed analysis of the client’s current tax position throughout the year. This includes the forecasting of possible alternative minimum tax and local tax liability, a review of withholding and estimated payments, and an analysis of all techniques which are available to control the final level of income tax liability.

We also forecast the client’s tax position in future years so as to plan the optimum receipt of income and the use of certain investment opportunities. This includes the effect of legislative changes in the tax law.

Although we are not associated with any other firm and do not engage in the sale of products, we will assist the client to identify and make use of certain investment opportunities.

We coordinate our efforts with the client’s tax preparer or, if requested to do so by the client, will assume direct responsibility for the preparation of all required tax returns.


A properly designed financial plan must identify those risks to which the client is exposed and provide for the most appropriate forms of protection. In this phase, we review the client’s life insurance, property, casualty and liability insurance, and medical and disability protection. This analysis assesses the degree of need for existing or additional protection as well as the cost efficiency of the existing policies.

We believe that our commitment to objectivity prevents us from participating in the sale of insurance products. If additional protection is necessary, we will identify the best source of this needed protection and take action to implement the strategy.


The proper use of corporate benefit plans is essential to both risk protection and capital growth. We coordinate our efforts with the corporate benefit staff to assure our proper understanding of the corporation’s compensation and benefit philosophy as well as the structure of specific plans. This coordination also allows us to share with the benefit staff new ideas as to the use and structure of corporate plans.

We assist the client to coordinate his or her use of the specific plans with personal insurance and investment positions so as to maintain proper balances and maximize cost efficiency. The analysis of benefit plans assesses their income tax effects and identifies opportunities for maximum growth and preservation of capital.

Because of the values involved, decisions with regard to benefit plans will be among the most significant for many individuals. This requires that the client has a full understanding of the tax and investment considerations and that decisions reflect his or her overall situation. We identify the issues involved, explain the tax and investment effects, and recommend the course which appears to be most beneficial to the client.


Planning for retirement has become increasingly complex and requires expert analysis of corporate benefit plans, the tax law, and investment vehicles and opportunities. Proper planning should also forecast the individual’s post-retirement needs.

In fact, planning for retirement should begin long before the client approaches the actual point of transition. It is an ongoing process in which the client may be faced with the choice between current enjoyment and future benefit. By providing the client with an accurate overview of his or her total situation, we assist in this decision making process.

As the client approaches retirement, we analyze all relevant options — showing the effect of each — and develop a comprehensive strategy that will provide the greatest level of post-retirement benefit.


An individual’s estate plan is a statement to his or her family. It is the means to preserve and structure one’s estate for the security and benefit of one’s survivors. Unfortunately, it is an area which some individuals find discomforting and approach with hesitancy, frequently ignoring opportunities or failing to make necessary revisions due to changes in personal circumstances or the law.

We begin by assisting the client to articulate his or her estate objectives. We then analyze the client’s existing estate and the level of benefit which it provides to survivors. We explain the effect of existing documents on the client’s estate and identify areas requiring change so as to conform with the client’s objectives. This analysis includes detailed explanation of tax planning techniques which will enhance the level of protection and benefit which the client can provide to his or her family.

Once this has been reviewed with the client, we will meet with the client’s attorney — or introduce the client to an estate planning specialist — to arrange for the drafting of appropriate documents. We will also arrange for the restructuring of asset ownership where this is called for and take responsibility for the coordination of personal insurance and corporate benefit plans with new estate planning documents.

This phase also includes the review of gifting techniques. These can provide valuable tax and accumulation benefits. For certain individuals, the proper use of gifts may allow for the freezing of an estate or the passing of asset control on a tax favored basis for the benefit of a younger generation.

We believe that a major responsibility of financial counsel is to assist the client’s survivors following his or her death. We continue to work with the client’s family, providing assistance through the administration of the estate and the necessary restructuring of assets.


The management and protection of your investment portfolio is the key to financial security and in our experience, a universal goal of our clients. We believe that this goal is best achieved through the use of a disciplined approach which coordinates the management of all of your existing and future sources of investable funds.

Our Investment Management Program is designed to provide the following services:

We will prepare a written statement of your investment objectives based on our conversations with you and our review of your financial situation. This statement will be specific as to your objectives for income, growth and security of principal. It will also take into consideration your retirement and estate planning objectives.

We will recommend an overall allocation of your investment portfolio among stocks, bonds and money funds designed to meet your objectives with the desired level of risk. This recommendation will be the basis for a discussion with you to arrive at an investment program that you are comfortable with and will accomplish your investment objectives. 

We will implement the agreed upon investment program through the use of individual stocks, bonds, mutual funds and individual money managers to meet your objectives.

We will monitor your investment portfolio and meet with you periodically to review investment performance and to discuss changes in your personal situation and investment objectives.

This last element is key to our relationship with our clients. Your expectations for your portfolio need to be evaluated on a regular basis, and our meetings by phone or in person are critical to accomplishing this.