About Saratoga Wealth Advisors

About Saratoga Wealth Advisors

The principals of Saratoga Wealth Advisors, LLC are determined to maintain their reputations as leaders among financial counselors in measures of quality and professionalism.

SARATOGA WEALTH ADVISORS, LLC has been formed with a commitment to the highest quality service. All advisors have law degrees or advanced college degrees, plus various professional designations. In addition, all advisors have decades of experience as counselors and registered investment advisors.

Financial counsel is built on a trust relationship. To disrupt the relationship is to jeopardize the plan, so it is worth noting that Saratoga Wealth Advisors, LLC is owned by its principals. Each is committed to the firm and to its clients.

Our clients are individuals who recognize the need for totally objective expertise. They expect, and receive, a highly personal service from professionals  who understand their concerns and objectives. To assure this objectivity and independence of thought, the firm does not engage in the sale of products, act as a principal in transactions, or engage in any other transaction that would create a conflict of interest. SWA operates strictly on a “fee only” basis. We never receive commissions or fees, nor do we have a financial relationship with any organization or professional we might recommend.

As a group, our clients seek orderly control of their financial affairs, balanced growth and preservation of assets, and timely and concise advice as to new opportunities. As an individual, each client expects that financial counsel will design and manage the financial plan in a manner conforming with his or her personal concerns and objectives.

Our clients require overall planning and management of their financial affairs continuity of individual service, which survives changes in career, the law and the economy, and remains available to younger generations within the family.


JEFFREY A. TROWBRIDGE graduated from the University of Minnesota with a Bachelor of Science degree in Education. He earned his MBA in Finance from Denver University.

Mr. Trowbridge was a Regional Vice-President for Asset Management Group in Denver, Colorado, where he provided financial advice to Fortune 500 Executives and wealthy individuals.

During this time Mr. Trowbridge also managed the regional office and a professional staff of financial advisors for the Denver office of AMG. He continued his advisory practice as a Senior Financial Advisor at Ayco Corporation in Albany, New York, and at Hynes Himmelreich Glennon & Company in Darien, Connecticut.

Mr. Trowbridge currently serves as tax and financial consultant to high net worth individuals and corporate executives, and heads up the investment management division of Saratoga Wealth Advisors.

Mr. Trowbridge was born in 1950.